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We Offer Instructional Design Services

Is your organization looking for someone to help you develop a training program. Look no further. Dr. Hitu Sood works with various corporate and academic institutes to help develop learning programs for adult learners. 

One workshop we have recently worked on is to help professionals impacted du...

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WINS Toronto launches 'The Diversity Forum' a national newsletter 
WINS Toronto the NFP founded by Dr. Hitu Sood launches a national diversity newsletter in April, 2021 with Mark Lovewell as the Editor-in-Chief.
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Ryerson Centre for Immigration & Settlement (RCIS) invites Dr. Hitu Sood, Mark Lovewell, & Veronica Seeto for panel discussion about WINS Toronto's work towards inclusion & equity in the Canadian workforce

The Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement (RCIS) is hosting a panel discussion with WINS Toronto:

Showcasing Immigrant Voices: Calling for a Paradigm Shift

The Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement (RCIS) aims to be a leader in the transdisciplinary exploration of international migrati...

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University of Toronto's 180 Degrees Consulting Invites Dr. Hitu Sood to Talent Connect 

180 Degrees consulting  is the University of Toronto's branch of the world's largest university-based consultancy. It is is the world's largest social impact consultancy with over 14, 000 consultants worldwide, from a variety of educational backgrounds, that have provided over $1...

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