After a COVID pause, Canada’s immigration levels are back on target at over 400,000 newcomers each year. What should Ontario be doing, in terms of settlement policies and programs, to ensure their successful arrival? Read the full policy briefing click here.

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Dr. Hitu Sood founded a NFP called Winning Inclusive Solutions (WINS). It took Hitu three years to establish this community organization into a not-for-profit with a prestigious board. Her work and dedication to making the world a more equitable place for all has been recently recognized by the Univ...

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We Offer Instructional Design Services

Is your organization looking for someone to help you develop a training program. Look no further. Dr. Hitu Sood works with various corporate and academic institutes to help develop learning programs for adult learners. 

One workshop we have recently worked on is to help professionals impacted du...

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WINS Toronto launches 'The Diversity Forum' a national newsletter 
WINS Toronto the NFP founded by Dr. Hitu Sood launches a national diversity newsletter in April, 2021 with Mark Lovewell as the Editor-in-Chief.
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